Riccardo Chiaberta (Verbania, Italy, 1986) approached music studying piano at the age of 9. He began to study drums and percussions with Davide Merlino in 1999. He graduated in Jazz (Bachelor Degree) with highest honours at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Como. He achieved a Masters Degree in Jazz with highest honours at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan. He studied piano with Ramberto Ciammarughi (Mirsolav Vitous, Randy Brecker, Vinne Collaiuta) from 2007 to 2013, and drums with Fabrizio Sferra (Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Enrico Pieranunzi) from 2010 to 2011. He attended many master-classes and workshops, such as: Siena Jazz, Gregory Hutchinson, John Riley, Roberto Gatto, Massimo Manzi, Mike Manieri, Andrea Dulbecco, Matteo Moretti, Stefano Battaglia and Summer Jazz School di Fara Music. Riccardo played in many jazz festival, such as “London Jazz Festival”, “Umbria Jazz”, “Tones on the Stones”, “MITO Milano”. He played with Reem Kelani, Paolino Dalla Porta, Antonio Zambrini, Simone Daclon, Ivo Neame, Bruno Heinen, Andrea Dulbecco, David Friedman, Simona Severini, Emanuele Cisi, Pietro Tonolo, Tino Tracanna, Giovanni Falzone, Achille Succi, Guido Bombardieri, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Alberto Mandarini, Marco Decimo, Gaetano Partipilo, Gianluca Di Ienno, Michele Tacchi, Andrea Di Biase, Maria Chiara Argirò and many others. He is part of Paolino Dalla Porta "Future Changes" new quartet (Dalla Porta Played with Pat Metheny, Oregon, Kenny Wheeler), with Nicolò Ricci on tenor saxophone and Dario Trapani on electric guitar. The band plays music composed by its leader and its first album was released in April 2017 by Tuk Music, jazz label led by Paolo Fresu.He recorded several albums published by different Italian jazz labels, such as “Videoradio”, “Zone di Musica”, “Dodicilune” and “Abeat”. He released his first album with his band “Nirguna” in October 2015 with “Honolulu records”, a label that Riccardo founded with other nine musicians from Milan.  h  He achieved the highest ranks in many Italian jazz contests. He won first prize at “Chicco Bettinardi Contest 2015” – Milestones Piacenza; the first prize at “Jazz by the Pool Competition 2012”; the first prize at “Contest Fara Music 2010” winning a scholarship for best musician; the first prize at “Concorso Percfest 2010”; the second prize “Conad Jazz Contest 2015” and “Conad Jazz Contest 2014” of Umbria Jazz; the second prize “Conad Jazz Contest 2013” of Umbria Jazz; the second prize “Jimmy Woode” of Tuscia in Jazz 2013.Riccardo Chiaberta is endorser of Bosphorus Cymbals.



  Nirguna is a sextet led by the drummer and they play his compositions.They released the debut album “Lux” for the label Honolulu Records in October 2015. Achille Succi – alto sax/bass clarinetNicolò Ricci – tenor saxDario Trapani – guitarLorenzo Blardone – piano/rhodesMarco Rottoli – double bassRiccardo Chiaberta – drums/arrangements "Riccardo Chiaberta has done something rather unusual in today's hyper technical jazz climate. He has made a sublime recording in which sophisticated compositional and instrumental devices are put entirely at the service of a naturally flowing and heartfelt musical offering. Lux puts melody in front, something unusual for a recording led by a drummer, and something that also explains why Chiaberta's drumming balances so effectively the role of support and direction."Gregory Burk "I met Riccardo at the Conservatory in Milan and has been my student for two years. I immediately appreciated his technical skills, his rare musical sensitivity so I early involved him in my trio. His great quality as human being was another surprise, valuable in sharing and enriching my musical project. I recently discovered his great qualities as a leader and composer, beautifully expressed in "Nirguna". Given his remarkable musical culture, I imagined he had also these qualities but a first release of this level was for me a great discovery."Tino Tracanna (Director of Jazz Faculty at the Conservatory in Milan)     


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He offers one to one lessons in Manor House in a studio or at students' home, for both beginners and more advanced drummers. He teaches jazz, rock, funk, world drumming.


 "Riccardo is an exceptional musician, patient teacher and inspirer, someone like few. One year attendancing of our family and he left an indelible mark. I recommend him to everyone."Carmelo Carbotti "Riccardo has been a great teacher to me. He was organised and made me improve quickly, and he was always ready to help me for whatever i needed or asked. He gave me loads of hints to listen and find inspiration, and most of all he's been a guru in teaching me how to feel the music, the groove, the connection with the other players and the sound of the drums."Loris Mazza "My encounter with Riccardo was first of all as an observer. I began to follow him as a member of the audience at his concerts and I always took home precious elements, sources of inspiration and practical tips for my personal work on the instrument. After choosing to study jazz drums at the Conservatory, I decided to spend a year developing my skills and started studying with him.Riccardo immediately conveyed his great passion and visceral love for this genre which has no bounds, especially today. Starting with technical studies on the instrument and by listening to the giants of this genre, I began to reach my first goals and to deepen my knowledge lesson after lesson. I was guided step by step without ever overlooking any of the basics of instrumental technique, of listening and interacting with improvised music; an interaction that inevitably involves the analysis of structures and interpretive styles.Riccardo is not just a drummer, he's a full-fledged musician. He doesn’t stop at the physicality of the instrument but he uses its knowledge as his greatest asset to create and interact with music, to teach and pass on his knowledge, to give advice and suggest paths of work.This peculiar characteristic of his allowed me to study elements of jazz harmony and piano technique with him, both essential to study at the Conservatory.I infinitely thank Riccardo for everything he has taught me, for everything he teaches me and for everything he will teach me."Andrea Cocco


 He has been teaching drums, percussion and piano privately since 2009.He has been teaching drums at Harris City Academy (Secondary school) in London since 2016 (UK).In 2015, he taught drums and percussions at the secondary school in Verbania (Italy).From 2011 to 2015, he taught drums at the music school "Ente Musicale di Verbania" (Italy).In 2010, he taught drums and percussion at the music association "Estro Armonico di Stresa" (Italy).From 2008 to 2009 he taught drums and piano at the "Cultural Association Oltremusica", Como (Italy).

Crusader Industrial Estate, 167 Hermitage Rd, Harringay Warehouse District, London N4 1LZ